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A History of Innovation

Throughout the back half of the 1900s and into the 21st century, Nicrocraft™ and our parent company Wall Colmonoy played a leading role in advancing aviation through our innovative pioneering spirit and our dedication to the aircraft industry. From the post-war jet age to our modern era, we have helped develop and refine new methods of aircraft exhaust system production, including manufacturing processes, materials, and everything in between.

Continue below for a brief look at our proud history and how we came to be a worldwide leader in aircraft exhaust parts manufacturing.

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Wall Colmonoy develops Nicrobraz®, which is used in the construction of Nicrocraft™ parts.  Exclusive, high-strength, high-quality welding material Nicrobraz® brazing rods serve to reduce weight while maintaining optimal strength.


Wall Colmonoy Oklahoma City is established to support the overhaul and repair of jet engine compressor and hot section components for nearby Tinker Air Force Base. Components for a wide variety of fighters, bombers, and other military aircraft are overhauled at the facility as Wall Colmonoy helps the U.S. government save millions of dollars in new replacement parts.


Borrowing from the successful techniques used to reclaim heat damaged jet engine parts, Oklahoma City begins overhauling light aircraft exhaust systems and returning them to service with new part warranties.

Many of the problems caused by heat damage and corrosion are like those of light aircraft exhaust systems, making the move into this field a natural extension for jet engine components.

The tradename, Nicroflite, identifies exhaust parts that have been overhauled at Wall Colmonoy’s newly FAA approved repair station. Wall Colmonoy lists more than 250 parts offered as overhaul.


Years of overhauling experience provides Oklahoma City team with knowledge of the most common failure areas. This leads to the development of many FAA approved design improvements to increase the durability and service life of aircraft exhaust parts. The division is named Light Aircraft Division.

From the success of the overhaul business, Wall Colmonoy launches a ReCoup Program with a repairable “core” (used exhaust part) turned in by buyers.


The manufacture of all-new construction aircraft exhaust systems begins at the Oklahoma facility. Marketed under the tradename Nicrocraft™, their innovative engineering design carries an unsurpassed warranty and longer hours in service, contributing to the rapid growth of this line. 


Hanlon and Wilson, a supplier to light aircraft manufacturers, sells their aircraft exhaust components manufacturing business to Wall Colmonoy. This significantly increases the number of Nicrocraft™ all-new parts offered, making Wall Colmonoy the largest, most complete supplier of aircraft exhaust components in the world.


New Nicrocraft™ exhaust systems introduced for Cessna® 170B, 172, 172A, 180, 320A & D, 414 and Beechcraft® 35-36, A36, P35.


Safety has always been our number one priority. The dangers that result from operating an aircraft with a defective exhaust system include the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, decrease in engine performance and risk of fire. It was in this year that Wall Colmonoy produces carbon monoxide detectors for pilots to use in their cabins to detect and alert for any leaks. In addition, an exhaust system checklist was created to ensure the continued performance and safety of aircraft exhaust parts.


Wall Colmonoy Oklahoma City earns its ISO 9001:2000 registration. 


Wall Colmonoy Oklahoma City is renamed and rebranded to Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Oklahoma City.


Wall Colmonoy Oklahoma City earns its AS9100 certification. Today, Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze OKC is certified to AS9100 REV D.


Nicrocraft™ announced a new look including website and logo designed with the customer in mind. The vertical stabilizer represents the brand’s dedication to the aviation industry. The “Built to Take the Heat” tagline signifies the strength Nicrocraft™ has in design and construction to withstand heat of a plane’s exhaust.


Nicrocraft™ receives FAA-PMA approval for Cirrus® SR22 and Cirrus® SR20 heat exchanger and muffler, maintaining their commitment to Cirrus® Service Centers.


Nicrocraft™ Piper® Archer TX III mufflers receives FAA-PMA approval to service flight schools as Piper® Archer becomes the aircraft of choice for training.


Oklahoma City is the center of new light aircraft exhaust systems, marking more than seven decades of proud history as a leading innovator and passionate manufacturer in the world of aviation.


E-commerce site is launched to offer customers 24/7 access and to establish a more efficient way of purchasing Nicrocraft™ aircraft exhaust systems. The e-commerce site creates a unique, personalized experience for customers. Customers, when logged in, will see their personalized profile, including transaction history, product recommendations, and special offers. Search features by aircraft make, model or part number have been optimized and easier to navigate.