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Nicrocraft Receives FAA-PMA Approval for Cessna 172Q and R&S Risers

Nicrocraft is pleased to announce FAA-PMA certification on Cessna 172Q Cutlass and R&S Skyhawk exhaust risers. The Cessna 172 has long been the staple of flight schools and is ideal for primary and instrument training.

These exhaust risers are constructed of heat resistant 321 stainless steel. They are intended to provide maximum reliability, corrosion resistance, and service life. Each part is covered by the industry’s strongest warranty: 12-months from installation, unlimited hours.t

Nicrocraft brand FAA-PMA part numbers are WCC9954100-5 (Lefthand Aft), WCC9954100-6 (Lefthand Forward), W1754007-1 (Righthand Aft), and W1754010-1 (Righthand Forward). The risers are eligible for installation on Cessna  172Q and 172R&S models with Lycoming O-360 & IO-360 engines.

Cessna 172Q Cutlass 

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Cessna 172R&S Skyhawk 

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