Cessna 401 A & B and 402 A & B

Header, RH

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  • Year(s): Cessna 401 and 401A: All ,Cessna 401B: S/N 1-1208 ,Cessna 402 and 402A: All ,Cessna 402B: S/N 1-1208 TSIO-520E or EB
  • Engine(s): Continental TSIO-520E, EB
  • Nicrocraft Part Number: 8026-25
  • OEM Part Number: 0850712-34
  • Condition: NEW. FAA-PMA Approved
Product Details

Nicrocraft’s FAA-PMA Right Hand Header is eligible for installation on all Cessna 401A, 401B, 402A, 402B with Continental TSIO-520E, EB engines.

Eligible Serial Numbers
Material Type
  • Inconel

    Header, RH for Cessna 401A, 401B, 402A, 402B is constructed of high strength, corrosion resistant Inconel 625.

Starts at Date of Installation
12-Month, Unlimited-Hours

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